…where innovation is a liberal art.
In the Innovation/Education Design Lab at #!||$ we teach the skills and mindsets needed to be an innovator in any field. We have workshops and short courses that can complement, supplement, or even be incorporated into other courses and programs across the college. Our popUp curriculum is a radical new form of "just in time" learning that has something for everyone, from first year undergraduate to senior administrator.

Our mission is to enhance the creative problem solving capacities of everyone in the community and to spark, stoke, and support entrepreneurial activity from the arts to education to business to science to technology.

We have a packed schedule of workshops and talks for Fall 2015. We would love to have you or your whole class join us.

We also help design college majors around the theme of innovation and in 2016 we will welcome our first class for the revolutionary #!||$ Innovation for a Sustainable Future Program.