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Bret Victor


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Wikipedia: Bret Victor

Twitter: @worrydream

Synopsis: "I intend to invent the medium and representations in which the scientists, engineers,
and artists of the next century will understand and create systems."

At Apple he designed the initial user interface concepts for iPad, iPod Nano, and half a
dozen experimental hardware platforms. Initiated, designed, and prototyped over
seventy concept projects, including radically reinvented interfaces for video editing,
animation, drawing, learning, collaboration, mail, photos, and much more. Invented
features for Mac OS X Lion. Worked with designers and engineers from all parts of
Apple. Routinely presented to top-level management.

Won 2007 Apple Design Award for BART Widget. His talk "Inventing on Principle" is a modern classic.

  • [ Seeing Spaces. What if we designed a new kind of maker space -- a space that isn't just for putting pieces together, but also for seeing and understanding a project's behavior in powerful ways?]
Inventing on Principle