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Yancey Strickler

Co-Founder and CEO at Kickstarter

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Synopsis: How Does Kickstarter Work?

Require students to work through good understanding of the details and really understand the (not complicated) ins and outs of how it works so speaker does not have to waste time explaining.


Status: How do we reconcile the fact that "Gonna do a Kickstarter next month" can be a boast but "Had to raise money via Kickstarter" can also be a mark of shame?
How does KS manage the implicit contracts between Creators and Backers? Why hasn't the site turned into a scam platform? Could it?
OK, so bands can use KS to raise money for an album instead of having to get a studio to believe in their commercial viability and a maker can get backing to do a production run of some new gadget. Are there any completely different uses for a platform like this?
Are KS and the like just ways for bigger investors to let the little guys support all the R&D and they come in and grab the good stuff?
KS as an information generation platform. Market in which ideas get tested. Is market information a potential product of micro/crowd funding?
Kickstarter does not take a monetary interest in the projects that get funded on the site. Should it? How would that change the experience for users? For backers? How would it distort the incentives within KS?


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  • James Surowiecki. 2004. The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations
  • Recent New Yorker pieces
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  • The Crowdfunding Beat, a collection of pieces on the topic
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  • The journal Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance had a special issue on crowdfunding last year:Volume 15, Issue 4, 2013 Special Issue: Crowdfunding and the revitalisation of the early stage risk capital market: catalyst or chimera

Editorial Introduction
Othmar M. Lehnera. Crowdfunding social ventures: a model and research agenda(DOI:10.1080/13691066.2013.782624) pp 289-311
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