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Chris Csikszentmihalyi


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Synopsis: Designing Products for the Networked Society

The world is transforming from one built predominantly around bureaucracies and broadcast toward one build around networks: these changes manifest in every facet of life, work, and production. Many professions, traditions, and industries resist this tide, but their relevance is undercut as new network-driven practices and means of production "disrupt" them by producing orthogonal alternatives. Nothing is untouched, even Art & Design schools, whose current curricula and formats were established when they were seen as necessary handmaidens to mass media and factory production. But the proliferation of new ways of making (from free software; to social platforms; to 3d printers and communal fabrication centers) and distributing goods and services (torrents, clouds, and patches) challenge those norms of arts education. What are the products of the future, who will make them, and how
Comments: Susan met with Chris Csikszentmihalyi ( a few months back.

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