Imperial War Museum

IWM London Lambeth Road London SE1 6HZ


• A visit to IWM London for Overseas Groups and Schools is free and no booking is required.
What to see
• A self-led visit includes our new First World War Galleries, transformed Atrium.
• Popular Design and Illustration: An international collection of over 20,000 posters, along with popular prints, postcards, proclamations and other publicity materials, gives an insight into the images of war that would have been seen in the streets, workplaces, post offices and canteens of Britain, Germany and other nations during the First and Second World Wars. They are very revealing about national identity, the daily experience of war and how different nations persuaded their people to keep fighting. Eye-catching posters and postcards in the collection from more recent times are largely produced by protest movements such as CND and Stop the War, or as charity advertising.
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Trip Relevance

If we have a "history" unit this might tie in with Bletchley Park and code breaking and perhaps organizational innovation associated with WWII?