Even is a small venture-backed team of designers and engineers. We're building a new type of bank: one purposefully designed to help people build liquid assets and escape poverty.
We're starting with a huge and largely hidden problem: income volatility.
The US government funds a research program called the Financial Diaries. In their first study, they asked a large and varied group of the working poor to choose between "make more money" and "make more stable income." 77% of people chose the latter. They chose predictable money over *more money*!
Why? As our economy trends towards flexible labor, millions and millions of Americans are suffering from tremendously painful income volatility. With Even, these workers can get a steady paycheck, every week, with the job they already have. In good weeks, we automatically set money aside. And in bad weeks, we give our customers credit with no interest.
It's expensive to be poor. We're fixing that, and we need your help. (Recommender: )

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