Multi-Campus Team Teaching (Instructional Design)

Improve pedagogical productivity by sharing courses across different campuses.

What problem does this address? Nobody has really made progress on the problem of pedagogical productivity - how to teach more people more effectively with less effort. We are surrounded by Taylorist schemes for "speeding up the line" and corporate schemes for controlling content and delivering it with robots or cheap labor. But what about developing tools that make it possible for great teachers to reach more students with less effort.

Why will this innovation succeed? This idea builds on existing relationships between teachers at different institutions. It leverages technologies that exist. It gets instructors to try a new version of pedagogy but not one that is orthogonal to what they are used to. It keeps instructors and students "on their toes." It can scale.

What resources will be required? Relationships and willingness to try it out. Technology connection - equipment and bandwidth - that are dependable.

What is the timeline for implementation? Start in the fall, organize it ASAP.