1. DT is an approach to problem solving that structures and sequences team interactions so as to maximize the practical creativity of diverse teams.
    1. diversity not for its own sake and not for the sake of the participants but for the sake of the solutions
    2. but you don't just throw something together….

STEP 1 Interview for divergence
Q: You are a student coming to Mills in 2018. What do you want and need out of your education?
STEP 2 Notes to Needs
A: Three things that characterize the type of student you talked to.
B: Three things that are "needs" this student would have.
STEP 3 Join group and share needs you identified round robin
STEP 4 Cluster needs as makes sense. Use three dots to identify ones you most think you could work on
STEP 5 Convert to how might we questions
STEP 6 Brainstorm on your own positives and negatives; Then 1 minute crazy ideas.
STEP 7 Share, cluster, prioritize
STEP 8 Prototype.