Last week was class 1.

This week, you'll focus on building to think. In other words, you'll learn about how to craft prototypes that will enable your solution to evolve. Once you become more familiar with building to learn, you and your teammates will explore how to gather insightful feedback from the people you're testing with. In addition, you'll gain experience prototyping a service and will look at both digital and analog interactions.

To-Do List

Step 1. Read About Building to Think
Step 2. Prepare for and Do the Workshop
Step 3. Complete the Assignments
Step 4. Submit the Mid-Course Survey

Learning Objectives

By completing Class 2, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of service prototyping
  • Journey map moments of an experience
  • Role play to test and evolve interactions
  • Seek fresh perspectives for effective feedback
  • Read About Building to Think
Prepare for Your Workshop
  • Confirm that You've Chosen a Class Leader
    • This person will be responsible for reviewing the Class 2 Readings and the Workshop Guide thoroughly before the workshop so that they can lead the workshop discussion and activities.
  • Write Down Three Takeaways to Discuss With Your Team
    • It could be a quick summary of your Class 2 readings, inspiration from the Online Community, or connections you made regarding your prior knowledge.
  • Bring Prototyping Materials
    • For this workshop you'll need pens, felt markers or Sharpies, Post-it notes (or their equivalent), and lots of prototyping supplies. See the Class 2 Readings for some inspiration of items to have in the room when you start building.
  • Print Class 2 Workshop Guide
    • Each team member should print and bring along a copy of Workshop Guide so that everyone may complete the Activity sheets.
  • Invite a Friend or Colleague
    • If you haven't done so already, make sure that you've invited a few friends or colleagues to this week's workshop. They will be providing feedback on your prototype. We recommend inviting ~3 individuals to this session as this leaves a bit of buffer in case someone cancels last minute. Remember, they only need to attend for the last hour or so, when you're prototypes are ready to show.
  • Watch the Videos

Workshop - Build to Think

  1. Questions, Comments, Takeaways (10)
  2. Select Service Idea (10)
  3. Think to Build: Journey Mapping (40)
  4. Think to Build: Supporting Tools (30)
  5. Act It Out (30)
  6. Test and Get Feedback (30)
  7. Iterate (20)
  8. Debrief (10)

Submit the following assignment: Assignment 3: Share Your Service Prototype

Participate in Course Discussions
  • What did you learn in Class 2?
  • Share one of the insights you gained from Class 2.

Additional Resources

Workshop 2 Video

Design Kit Explore these prototyping Methods from Design Kit (

Designing Interactions Learn about digital interactions from IDEO founder Bill Moggridge.

Tools We Like V1 Take a look at some of the digital prototyping tools that IDEO uses.

Service Design Tools Go deeper into the world of service design with 23 designers.

Prep for Class 3
Review the Checklist in How Can I Best Prep for Each Class?. We'll see you in Class 3!