In this session we will build prototypes of some of the ideas we generated last week.


  1. Survey/review ideas from last week
  2. Pick 6 and fill out the "Select Your Best Ideas" form about them
  3. Perform "Gut Check" on two ideas
  4. Storyboard one idea. Experience map of "key moments": 1) WHO 2) Beginning 3) Middle 4) End. Drawing, description, and title.
  5. Assess what can be learned from a prototype
    1. transfer drawings, etc. to "step 6"
    2. most important question > how best to answer it? Some options are:
      • Model. simple three-dimensional representations of your idea. Use paper, cardboard, pipe cleaners, fabric, and whatever else you can find. Keep it rough and at a low fidelity to start, and then evolve the resolution over time.
      • Create a Mock-Up. Build mock-ups of digital tools or websites with simple sketches of screens on paper. Paste the paper mock-up on an actual computer screen or mobile phone when demonstrating it.
      • Create a Role Play. Act out the experience of your idea. Try on the roles of the people that are part of the situation and uncover questions they might ask. Consider making simple uniforms and assembling simple props to help users experience your product or service as real.
      • Create a Diagram. Imagine you are going door-to-door and showing potential customers what your idea or potential service is. Map out the structure, journey, or process of your idea in a way that will be easy for a potential customer to understand. This prototyping method will have a lot in common with the storyboard you already created during this Class 4 Workshop.
      • Create a Story. Tell the story of your idea from the future. Describe what the experience would be like. Write a newspaper article reporting about your idea. Write a job description. The purpose is to have people experience your idea as if it were real and then respond to it.
      • Create an Advertisement. Create a fake advertisement that promotes the best parts of your idea. Have fun with it, and feel free to exaggerate shamelessly. Now change the tone of the advertisement to appeal to different types of person.