A college's course schedule is the tool that students use to craft their own education out of the academic activities offered by the college. It is the device by which an institution says "this is what you can do here." It is to a college what a menu is to a restaurant; what a palette is to a painter. It is used by students to plan a semester and it is used by faculty advisors to advise. But it could be so much more. It could be used by students to more conveniently figure out their schedule options or to dream an academic career. It could be used by faculty to figure out when to offer courses to maximize enrollment or to teach students how to think about how courses fit together, what liberal arts is all about, how to ascertain whether a course is right for you or not.

In its current form it barely manages to convey the required information (what courses are offered at what times in what rooms by what professors) with links to books and descriptions of courses, but it is frustratingly difficult to use to solve real problems and dismayingly uninspiring.

As part of this challenge you and your team will design new features and systems and a new look and feel that will make the online course schedule and catalog awesomely useful and inspiring to students and an integral part of a liberal arts education rather than a clunky accessory to one.

HERE are some very preliminary "what if" ideas: CLICK.


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