Tim Brown: failure; scientific method; learn
Krista Donaldson: iteration; make it fast; low-res; one idea per prototype; take risk out of the process by trying something simple
David Kelley: creative confidence; what's blocking? try to get away with something; all day, excellence
Emi Kolawole: empathy; dive in; immerse; get surprised
Patrice Martin: ambiguity; multiple ideas; I don't know if this is relevant but…; process needs to go down paths; permission to not know, to explore; make sure right answer CAN reveal itself
John Bienlenberg:be optimistic; "yes, and…" in improv;
Gaby Brink: Iterate, Iterate, Iterate; get through hypotheses, concepts, ideas more quickly. Avoid over investing in any one

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Review the Checklist in How Can I Best Prep for Each Class?
Designate next team leader
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Introduction & Beginner’s Mind—20 mins
Icebreaker: Visual Telephone—20 mins
Logistics—10 mins
Human-Centered Design Discussion—25 mins

  • useful for
    • products : course catalog,
    • services: robe exchange, orientation, M-Center, teashop
    • spaces: innovation lab, lounge, study rooms, teashop
    • systems: advising system, room draw, grading
  • Inspiration - Ideation - Implementation
    • cycle of diverge and converge
  • Seven Mindsets (CARDS)
    • Embrace ambiguity
    • Iterate
    • Make it
    • Learn from Failure
    • Creative confidence
    • Be optimistic
    • Empathy
  • Article
    • Positive deviance - ask for example?
    • Inspiration. Problem Identification. Opportunity Identification. Our motivation.
      1. The Brief: set of constraints, objectives, benchmarks
        • Can be too abstract or too narrow.
      2. Research: discover user needs
    • Ideation. Generating, developing, testing solutions.
      • brainstorming. defer judgment. no devil's advocate
    • Implementation. The path toward putting solutions into people's lives.
      • Prototyping and iteration

Mini Design Challenge: Design a Better Commute—1 hour
Reflect & Share—15 mins