"I am obsessive with finding, cataloging, and doing new activities. A dance-floor meditation? A talk on game design? A tattoo convention? Done, done, and done. I am on an endless quest to learn about and personally experience as many diverse subcultures as possible and never leave home without my adventure backpack and a notebook so that I can collect inspiration and log new ideas." Schulte, Erin. "How the Most Creative People in Business Generate Ideas."

Step 1. Write down a list of cool things you have done/attended/visited in/around Oakland. Add to the list cool things your best friends have done/attended/visited in/around Oakland.
Step 2. Over the next week do or go to two things in/around Oakland that you've never done before. They must be things that are not on lists made in step 1.

NOTES. Purpose here is to give you the experience of new ideas coming in and to amplify the likelihood by walking you away from your comfort and familiarity zone.