"Five Discovery Skills that Distinguish Great Innovators" by Jeff Dyer , Hal Gergersen, and Clayton M. Christensen

  • PART I: After reading this post, answer the following questions.
  • PART II: Comment and evaluate two classmates' answers.
  • Associate.Question. Observe.Network. Experiment.Association Pick a realm. Identify 5 things typical of it. Pick another realm. What is or could be an analog of each. Example: Realm=bicycling. Security/locks. Flat tires. Bike lanes. Brakes. Helmets. Realm=breakfast.
Bicycling Breakfast
Security/locks Roommate steals food
Flat tires Milk is bad
Bike lanes Breakfast nook
Breakfast only restaurant
Subsidized breakfast for the poor
Brakes My diet
Helmets Plate covers
Bicycling English 1
Security/locks Avoiding cheating
Flat tires Grammar mistakes
Bike lanes
Brakes Word limits
Helmets Thick skin