Does the Program in Innovation Offer Course Credits?

I'm of very mixed mind about the credits question. My inclination is to start without that and see if there's a market. Putting credits on it introduces all manner of constraints and permissions that I think could strangle it in the crib (counting hours, establishing learning goals, running it by the union, arguing about teaching credits, turf protection, etc.) and waste a lot of time that could be spent doing things this year. I think the better thing would be to plan to move toward that down the line.

And, I'm imagining that this is all a lead up to having a stand alone program that could attract a whole population that's not even looking at us now so I'd like to be able to keep a focus on that rather than on micro-credits for the students we've already recruited. For them, it's a supplement that will contribute to keeping them here because it's great and because the stuff can get integrated into their other courses and majors.

Another track I see emerging is for this to be an add-on or wrap-around for other programs (e.g., sociology "with" innovation).