Let's Take Something Apart

One motto of the maker movement is "It ain't broke, take it apart and fix it." Another, often seen on T-shirts, is "I void warranties" (by taking the back off of things). In this workshop we will learn to and learn by taking common everyday objects apart. We'll strip them down carefully, learning how they work along the way and preserving the parts for who knows what next project. We'll also have the task of creating some sort of art object that conveys how the machine works (e.g., a posed "exploded view," an animation of the parts coming out, a stylized schematic). Objects we'll work on may include ink jet printers, a computer keyboards, watches or alarm clocks, hair dryers, blenders, headphones, lamps, and cameras. We will keep a special eye out for usable components like motors, gears, switches, and the like.

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